I met with several hypnotherapists in the local area prior to meeting with Hilary. I decided to work on my problems with her based on her friendly, professional, and non-judgemental approach. It quickly became apparent to me that Hilary is extremely passionate about Hypnotherapy and helping people to deal with their issues. Every session I had made me feel better about myself, as well as helping me to understand my life and the problems I was facing. Her approach was always professional and she made me feel  safe and comforted. I am so very glad that I decided to work with Hilary! I honestly cannot recommend her enough. Everything can be discussed and worked through at your own pace, in a calm and pleasant environment. There was never any pressure to take on further sessions, Hilary is also very flexible with appointment times and doesn’t rush you. Thank you for helping to bring me out of a dark place Hilary! 

I came to see Hilary about a very specific problem of having a shy bladder, but after my first initial consultation it was clear that my overall stress levels were very high and I had a general feeling of anxiety. Hilary is a brilliant listener, but also incredibly perceptive, picking up meanings from the things I said and explaining the significance of these in relation to anxiety. All work is done with the feeling of utmost trust.
After my first full session of hypnotherapy, panic attacks that I used to experience just as I was falling to sleep ceased. I have had these panic attacks as long as I can remember, and didn’t even consider them a problem, just a part of me. Relaxation and being taught to be in control of my body solved this straight away. I was amazed by the results and threw myself into the sessions over the next few weeks.
Hilary has empowered me to be far more relaxed in all situations, be it at work, in social situations, or ultimately in a crowded public toilet. My anxiety levels are so much lower, so much so that I look at how I was before and wonder how I continued everyday life with so much unreleased stress. I continue to use the relaxation exercises which were taught to me, and this is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life.
My advice to anyone considering hypnotherapy is to please give it a go, you may be amazed at the positive influence it has on your life. Hilary is kind and understanding and you should go for it!”


“I came to see Hilary about my stress levels. I’d been trying to conceive for a while, even undergoing 2 rounds of IVF with no success. I did wonder how my anxiety was affecting this. Hilary taught me a number of techniques as well as providing an impartial ear – her counselling skills proved a godsend. I am pleased to say that I am now mum to a bouncing baby and honestly think that Hilary played a massive part in this. I also continued to see her throughout my pregnancy to keep my anxiety levels in check.

It’s quite difficult knowing who to choose when confronted by a list of qualified hypnotherapists/counsellors. I picked Hilary as she looked professional but also warm and approachable. I couldn’t have chosen better.

“My name is Emma I am 24yrs old and have suffered with anxiety and depression since Sepember 2012. I have recently completed a number of sessions with Hilary, with her help and support I have made a remarkable recovery. I am now a much stronger person and able to cope much better. Hilary is a lovely lady, you can talk to about anything, she does not judge you and is understanding, she has the strategies to help you cope with getting back to normal life. She is very caring and very experienced at what she does.
I would highly recommend seeing her 100% if, like me, you want to get your life back on track.”


“Taking the first step to see Hilary (Austin) was the best thing I have done for many years. After only a few sessions, I am well on the way to overcoming my driving anxieties and in the last few days I have driven on the M11 for the first time in over 10 years. I am now confident that I can move on in my life in a way that I would not have thought possible only a couple of months ago and I would recommend Hilary to anyone. Thank you Hilary for making my future a lot brighter.”

“My first consultation came, quite apprehensive, and smoked loads on the way to you… I met you and you welcomed me into you home with warmth, I knew I had made the right choice.”

“The time was right for me to kick the tobacco weed….. I began my search to find someone to help and came across your website.
Being local to me I gave you a call to book an appointment, from the moment I spoke to you I knew you were the one..
We talked about why I smoked, what I gained from it and why I wanted to give up.. I told you some secrets which I know you will keep, and then I left. I had one more week of smoking, how many can I smoke in one week!!!!
The day came, I’d smoked far too many and was now feeling I cannot do this anymore…. I stubbed out my last cigarette at 4.25pm on Tuesday 7th February 2012…. That was 70 days ago. I have not smoked 1420 cigarettes, saved £494.23… But most importantly began the path of taking back control of my life.. Interest rates for savers are very low at the moment, but in 70 short days for a £50 investment I have now £444 saved, feel in control and have not even thought about smoking again….. Also knowing that you’re always at the end of the phone should I need to talk to you is great.

Thank you very very much”

“I had the great pleasure of working with Hilary to deal with some weight and eating issues. Not only did she give me some very practical support and advice, but through her gentle methods of peeling back layers and asking insightful questions, she helped me recognise where some of those deep seated issues originated from, thus ensuring greater success.
Throughout every session, I felt safe and secure and would thoroughly recommend her support to anyone, regardless of the areas they want to work on.
She will definitely be able to help you, but don’t assume it will be in the way you imagine!”


“I have been a client of Hilary’s for a few years and have used her hypnotherapy services in the past for personal development, motivation etc which I found to be enlightening and helped me a great deal in my business. A few months ago I found myself needing some hypnotherapy for health reasons. Hilary has worked with me both in terms of “self healing” and also to increase my energy levels and immune system whilst keeping a positive mindset to get me through a number of stages and hurdles on my road to recovery. The work she has done with me over the past 5 months has been of great benefit in my recovery and attitude towards the issue.

Hilary is one of the most empathetic, intuitive, caring and spiritual people I am fortunate to know. She is professional and passionate in her approach working with integrity and goes to great lengths to understand both the individual and the issues they need to address. She has excellent listening skills and is totally sincere in her approach.

I have recommended Hilary to a number of friends and work associates and would not hesitate to recommend her in the future.”